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In 2007, the Newmarket Heritage Festival was recognized by the editors of New Hampshire magazine as the best festival in the Granite State.

WELCOME to the 13th annual Newmarket Heritage Festival, a lively celebration of the arts, culture, history, and community spirit. The Seacoast’s favorite international block party honors the rich diversity of tradition, past and present, that defines this small New England mill town. It’s a diversity we share with countless other communities, as Americans and as world citizens. It’s a diversity that makes for a proud heritage—and a great party! Standing watch over the festivities are the buildings that first shaped this town. The mills, where so many labored so hard, are tangible reminders that by working—and celebrating—together it is possible to achieve a sense of community, a place of belonging. We hope you’ll join us!



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“What a great festival this year!  ‘A lot of other towns have blended into one,’ said Gary Sredzienski, the accordion player, at the close of his performance. ‘Newmarket, you’ve still got a lot of character.’  I couldn’t agree more.  And we keep our character through unique, community-minded events like the Heritage Festival.  Proud to be from Newmarket!” –Lisa Fisher Henderson, festival attendee

“Wow.  I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for .  .  . all you’ve done with this wonderful Heritage Festival.  As a vendor, it was the best venue I’ve been in — every need met and really well thought out.  As a participant, I watched [my husband and daughter] have such a great time taking part in what they were able to attend. I can only imagine what it must take to pull something of this magnitude off….  Really a job well done…..  Sign me up for next year ’cause this is one event that is so very worthwhile being a part of.” –2009 Vendor

“I moved to Newmarket last year and my first experience with your festival definitely had me wanting to return for this year.  I can only state that this year’s festival was even better than my first one!  From the quality of the performers, to the activities for all ages and the wide range of quality crafts for sale, everything was well done. I know how much time and effort went into organizing and creating this festival, so I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You.” –2008 Festival attendee responding on an evaluation form

Photo Gallery (frames 8-22)
[Seacoast Media] Sept. 09
Culture Explored at Newmarket Heritage Festival
[Seacoast Media] 9.29.09
Festival Moves Indoors on Final Day
[Fosters] 9.28.09
Art, history on display
[Fosters] 9.27.09
Big Line-Up Planned for 12th Annual Heritage Festival
[Fosters] 9.22.09
Newmarket Heritage Festival Names Honoree
[Seacoast Media] 9.27.07
Heritage Festival Celebrates New England Roots
[Seacoast Media] 9.25.09

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  • Introducing…Heritage Festival 2014!

    LET THE FESTIVAL BEGIN! Heritage Festival 2014 is all set up and ready to go in the Newmarket Mills at 55 Main Street. See you there! Thanks to our incredible volunteer team, who spent the entire day setting up for the big event. A special shout-out to our talented stage decorating duo, Austin and Barbara. And to two great area nurseries, Churchill’s Gardens and Stratham Circle Nursery, who supplied our fabulous stage decor. Let the international block party begin!

  • Volunteering is Fun!

    FREE ADMISSION! Want to help set up for the festival? Or help out in the admissions booth? It’s easy! It’s fun! And you get free admission to a whole day of fabulous music, artisans, and more. Your day of guaranteed fun is just a click away: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B4AA8AD28A6FB6-festival

  • Foot-tapping!

    IRISH DANCING! The McDonough-Grimes Dancers make their debut at the Heritage Festival on May 31!

Heritage Festival 2010 Pictures!